RHOA S6E17 “He Said, She Said”


First of all, I have a few questions: Are these ladies schoolgirls or grown women( I thought telling your friends they can’t be friends with your “rival” was something you did in junior high/high school)? Wasn’t NeNe the one who told Kenya “No b#%*h will ever tell me who I can & cannot be friends with” yet she told Marlo NOT to be friends with Kenya?? Could someone PLEASE tell me if Peter was being a b#%*h to Porsha cause he wants so badly to hold a peach next season? Newsflash Peter: Try starting a restaurant/bar ON YOUR DAMN OWN, that way we won’t assume that you can’t support yourself without Cynthia’s money!! Kenya, I’m gonna need you to stop kissing NeNe’s a$$ (NO ONE is that important that you have to be their doormat). NeNe, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not God’s gift to the universe! I love Ms. Lawrence, but if this was a couple’s trip, WHERE WAS KENYA’S AFRICAN PRINCE (I like you Kenya, & I’m want to give you the benefit of a doubt, but that’s puzzling to me)?? Phaedra, it amazes me how you ALWAYS come for Kenya (I get it, she texted your man, & you’re still pissed, BUT, it takes two to text), BUT you NEVER check Apollo (next week when Apollo tells Kenya “I could have slept with you if I wanted to… you’re an attractive woman, & any man could fall victim to that” I wonder if you’re going to place ALL THE BLAME on Kenya or will you CHECK YO MAN FIRST). The funniest moment was when Gregg jumped on the bed in Mexico, & started spanking himself (often times I have more fun watching Gregg than NeNe sometimes), hahaha!

While this “Kiss NeNe A$$ Month” is starting to be tiresome with Kenya, she did make a valid point with in regards to Porsha’s marriage to Kordellia. Real Talk: IMO, I think Porsha DID agree to be Kordellia’s beard, BUT in the process genuinely fell in love with him, BUT because of their “arrangement” it became too much to deal with! KORDELL: you know damn well that Porsha DID NOT suggest a divorce, she had nothing to gain from it! The time to diffuse these allegations was when the divorce FIRST HAPPENED, why wait until RHOA season 6 starts filming BEFORE setting the record straight? Common sense tell anyone that filing for a divorce was HIS idea, not Porsha’s (Porsha suffered a miscarriage, wanted to have another child, attended counseling, & we watched Porsha argue with Kordellia about juggling marriage, motherhood, & a career… & homeboy was NOT having it). Since Porsha wanted to be her own woman WITHIN her marriage, he didn’t like it, & decided to cut her loose… point, blank, period!! Kordell’s dusty hammerhead a$$ didn’t like her family, & decided to end the marriage (in a b#%*h a$$ way). BTW, Porsha left her house with him to spend time with her family (he was acting like Porsha was spending time with another  dude)!

That dinner was VERY AWKWARD!! Peter, instead of focusing SO HARD on everybody else’s business, try keeping yours opened (cause everyone knows you’re the foreclosure & bankruptcy KING). Cynthia, for a woman who talks plenty of s#%t in her confessionals, you say NOTHING in public (I see why you & Peter are married, he pulls the strings (Geppetto), & you dance (Pinocchio)). Kudos to Kandi, NeNe, & Gregg (for being the man that Peter WILL NEVER be) for coming to Porsha’s defense! When Phaedra & Apollo finally arrived (yes people, they were late), ALMOST everyone cheered. Phaedra, I don’t know if you’re oblivious to what’s going on, or just plain arrogant, but remember this “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” IMO, Apollo saw how good Kenya was looking at that “Pillow Talk” party, & homeboy had a prison flashback, & took it ALL out on Brandon! Last season, he grabbed Kenya by the a$$ & jumped in the pool, this season…. Until next week!!


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